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"Connecting people and products for the future"

Main Business

We are a wholesale firm dealing with processed food, frozen food, grains, alcoholic beverages, feed, timber and construction materials. We also process fresh vegetables to produce side dishes for convenience stores and mass retailers. In addition, we have a cooperative delivery system and timber processing facilities.

Corporate Profile

As of May 26, 2023

Head office 2-13-34, Hakata-ekihigashi, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka-city, Fukuoka, Japan
Founded April 27th, 1950
Representative Kyoji Kudo, President & Representative Director
Capital 2,974,593,692 JPY ( 22million USD ) *1USD=135JPY
Net Sales
587,982million JPY ( 4,356million USD ) *1USD=135JPY
Number of establishments 28

Financial Performance

Our Business

We are your Japanese food concierge
~We can make any arrangement for Japanese food~

Our Strengths

  • We can provide Japanese food of every kind thanks to a network of more than 5,000 suppliers all over Japan, especially in Kyushu.
  • We can deliver not only single Japanese food items, but also several kinds of Japanese food, all at once.
  • Our main product categories are processed food, fresh food, frozen food, alcohol beverages, food materials, food for professional use and so on. We can provide what clients need thanks to our wide product range.
  • Our main clients are in the retail industry, restaurant industry and food manufacturing industry.

Head Office


Processed Food Unit

  • retail basis
  • food service basis
  • industrial basis


Processed food (dry state)
Seasonings: soy sauce, miso, ponzu sauce, dashi, vinegar, sauce, dressing
Noodles: instant noodles, somen, ramen, soba, udon, pasta
Dried foodstuffs: nori, wakame, dried bonito, shiitake, Japanese pickles
Powdered items: flour, okonomiyaki flour, tempura flour
Others: Japanese green tea, imported food, curry roux, canned food, etc.
Processed food (chilled state)
Tofu, fried tofu, Japanese desserts, etc.


We also can coordinate sales plans.

Fresh and Frozen Food Unit

  • retail basis
  • food service basis
  • industrial basis


  • Agricultural products, seafood products, livestock products (Wagyu, fresh fish, pork, chicken)
  • Fresh and frozen food for professional use, side dishes, lunch boxes
  • Imported food, etc.


  • This unit produces side dishes and lunch boxes for Seven-Eleven Japan.
  • The constant aim of this division is to improve and control the quality of our products.

Alcoholic Beverage Unit

  • retail basis
  • food service basis


  • Japanese sake, shochu, spirits,
    Beer, wine, liqueur, imported alcoholic beverages, etc.


This unit offers various kinds of alcoholic beverages thanks to over 1,200 customers all over Japan.

Food Materials and Food Ingredients Unit

  • food service basis
  • industrial basis


Wheat, sugar, starch, cornstarch, soybean, rice, barley, cooking oil, cereal flour, starch syrup, glucose, isomerized sugar, salt, bread crumbs, imported food ingredients, etc.

Feed and Livestock Unit

  • industrial basis


Mixed feed, feed, fish feed

Timber and Construction Material Unit

  • industrial basis


Timber, precut timber, housing equipment, construction materials, imported timber

Main Customers

Convenience store

  • Seven-Eleven Japan Co.,Ltd.


  • Izumi Co.,Ltd.
  • Taiyo Co.,Ltd.
  • Marukyou Co.,Ltd.
  • Nishitetsu Store Co.,Ltd.
  • Tokiwa Industry Co.,Ltd.


  • Cosmos Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.
  • Sundrug Co.,Ltd.
  • Drugstore Mori Co.,Ltd.

Restaurant Chains

  • Zensho Holdings Co.,Ltd.
  • Skylark Co.,Ltd.
  • Joyfull Co.,Ltd.
  • Royal Host Co.,Ltd.
  • Ringer Hut Co.,Ltd.


  • Yamazaki Baking Co.,Ltd.