We are TONYA! "Super Distributor"

Here at YAMAEHISANO, we think of ourselves as a kind of 'super distributor' for Japan.
While a regular wholesale store purchases goods from manufacturers and then sells them exclusively to retailers and the like, we suggest a wide range of products to our customers that meet their specific needs.

When you choose YAMAEHISANO as your Japanese Food Concierge, you can be sure of reliable service, safety and healthy Japanese food in line with your requirements. We welcome all kinds of customers, from retailers, members of the food service industry and manufacturers.
We can suggest Japanese products to all kinds of customers.
For a consultation on any aspect of Japanese food, please choose YAMAEHISANO

What We Stock

  • We stock a huge range of Japanese food from all over Japan, with a particular focus on items from our many trading partners in the Kyushu area.
  • We stock products from over 5,000 suppliers based in Japan.
  • We can supply a huge variety of Japanese food and ingredients.

Our Products

  • Processed foods: soy sauce, miso, ponzu, dashi, seasoning, vinegar, sauces for grilling, dressing, dried noodles, instant noodles, dry foodstuffs, seaweed, wheat flour, breadcrumbs, tea, etc.
  • Food delivered daily: tofu, fried bean curd, desserts, sweets, etc.
  • Fresh food: agricultural produce, seafood, animal products
  • Food for commercial use: food for commercial use, ready-made foods, lunch boxes
  • Alcoholic drinks: Japanese sake, shochu, plum wine and other liqueurs
  • Basic ingredients: green tea, wheat flour, sugar, starch, corn starch, soybeans, rice, wheat, food oils, rice flour, starch syrup, glucose, high fructose corn syrup, salt, breadcrumbs, fruit juices, etc.

Our Clients

  • For retailers, we can provide processed foods, foods delivered daily and fresh foods.
  • For members of the food service industry, we can provide food for commercial uses (processed foods, agricultural produce, seafood, animal products, etc.).
  • For manufacturers, we can provide raw food materials.